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Bishop and 1st Lady Harris Presents:
One Workshop, 3 Locations

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017
Time: 10a -to- 1p

9:30a -to- 10a- Reception for the Pastors and 1st Ladies
10a -to- 11:30a- First Ladies Seminar
10a -to- 11:30a- Pastors Seminar
11:30a -to- 1p- Pastors and Spouses Seminar
1p -to- 2p- Lunch

Location: Decatur, Alabama
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017
Time: 10a -to- 1p

9:30a -to- 10a: Reception for the Pastors and 1st Ladies
10a -to- 11:30a: First Ladies Seminar
10a -to- 11:30a: Pastors Seminar
11:30a -to- 1p: Pastors and Spouses Seminar
1p -to- 2p: Lunch

Location: Fairfield, California
Date: Saturday, July 8, 2017
Time: 10a -to- 4p

9:30a -to- 10a: Reception for the Pastors and 1st Ladies
10a -to- 12p: First Ladies Seminar
10a -to- 12p: Pastors Seminar
12p -to- 1:30p: Lunch
1:30p -to- 4p: Pastors and Spouses Seminar



Message from Presiding Prelate, Bishop Dr. William L. Harris IV and Lady Regena Harris:
Over the years, we have seen various dynamic conferences that have been facilitated by great organizations, churches and individuals that have ministered effectively to the men, women, and youth that love and live for God.

There has been tremendous concentration on the enhancement of individuals through leadership conferences, women seminars, men seminars, youth conferences, and even conferences that centers its focus on church growth to ensure the progression of the church. However, we don’t believe that there has been much focus on dealing with the hearts and souls of the men and women that serve God and dedicate their lives and the lives of their families to the ministry full time, which are the first families. We believe this is a great error by us as Christians. God has strategically placed men and women over the lives of His sheep to feed them and nurture them so they can walk in their calling. What was His intent for the shepherds? His desire is for us to be ministered to as well. For if not, we could not be truly effective in the task that He has given to us. I’ve never seen so many pastors dealing with depression, walking out and leaving their church, quitting ministering all together because the job that God called them to do became overwhelming and they just didn’t know how to cope. I believe, God is saying it’s time for someone to focus on the pastors and first families to ensure the progression of the church. The enemy is doing what he can to fight the men and women of God because he recognizes that if the leaders go, so go the people. It is our desire to minister to the totality of the first family, which includes their children. However, we feel it’s best to start with the pastors and their spouses. We believe these workshops will be a blessing to so many and we are ready to pour into all those that need to be filled so they can effectively reach the souls that God has placed under their care.

As we travel around the country teaching great men and women of God, it is our desire to bring everyone that attends the conferences together for fun, relaxation, and more dynamic seminars. In January of 2018, we will be hosting our First Family Conference Cruise. Please consider being a part of this Great conference. My wife and I have pastored for over 15 years and have some many life experiences to share with you. Let us pour in to you so that you can pour in to others.


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Phone: (707) 207-4106

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